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Optimize your online visibility with your ideal customers at the right time, driving qualified leads to your website and accelerating revenue growth.

Transform Clicks into Customers With Our Expert B2B PPC, Paid Search, and SEM Services

In today’s rapidly-changing and highly-competitive digital landscape, online visibility isn’t just a goal — it’s essential for survival. The power of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — including search engine optimization (SEO), Paid Search, and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising — is undeniable, but fully harnessing this potential to drive qualified leads and revenue growth presents a significant challenge for many B2B companies.

We don’t just participate in the SEM game; we play to help you win. As a strategic B2B PPC agency and consultancy, we deliver search engine marketing services that elevate your unique value and help you connect with your audience at the ideal moment and place in their journey. Explore our comprehensive B2B PPC services below. 

Achieve the Benefits of Highly-Effective Search Engine Marketing

Drive Awareness

Boost your brand and solution's visibility through targeted pay-per-click advertising, ensuring you're front and center for potential clients searching in your niche.

Accelerate Sales Cycles
Fast-track your sales process with paid media campaigns designed to engage decision-makers and shorten the sales cycle.
Elevate Brand Authority
Establish your brand as a thought leader with SEM and pay-per-click strategies that elevate your authority and credibility
Maximize Marketing ROI

Our PPC strategies are specifically optimized for B2B companies, including B2B Tech, SaaS, and professional services. We focus on delivering higher returns on your investment by employing strategic bidding and precise audience targeting.

Attract Website Traffic and High-Quality Leads
Generate high-quality leads with our specialized SEM approaches tailored to resonate with the unique needs and goals of B2B buyers.
Expand Your Global Reach
Break into new markets and reach a global audience with scalable search marketing strategies that grow with your business.
Optimize Customer Acquisition Costs
With laser-focused strategies, we eliminate wasteful ad spend, ensuring that every dollar you invest is strategically allocated for maximum impact.
Strengthen Your Competitive Edge
Edge out competitors with superior ad placements, compelling copy, high keyword rankings, and great landing page experiences.

Tread Carefully: The Risks of SEM Missteps

While search engine marketing is pivotal for growth in sectors like SaaS, software, and professional services, navigating its complexities requires a strategic approach — not just action. The risks of missteps are significant and can set you back big time without careful planning. 

Tempted by Quick-Start, Cookie-Cutter SEM Campaigns? Think twice. These often drain resources quickly and fail to yield results for high-value, complex solutions.

Expertise Matters. Without the right expertise behind them, your PPC ads and landing pages risk missing your unique value, positioning your offerings incorrectly, or chasing after the wrong keywords.

The Cost of Missteps. The repercussions of a misaligned or poorly executed SEM strategy are steep. We’re talking about more than just dollars wasted. It’s about missed golden opportunities, a tarnished brand image, and the weight of what could have been. Don’t let your SEM efforts become a tale of “what if.”

Beyond Visibility: Mastering B2B SEM and PPC to Captivate Your Audience

Making a Lasting Impression. Showing up in search engine results? That’s just the beginning. The real triumph in SEM lies in not just being seen but in making a memorable impression. It’s the art of setting your brand and offerings apart while creating a meaningful connection with your target audience in those crucial initial seconds.

Expertise Beyond Search Engines. Excelling in SEM goes beyond just understanding search engines. It demands a partner who grasps the core of your business – the depth of your value proposition, the subtleties of your offerings, and your audience’s specific needs and aspirations.

This is where strategic insight, deep expertise, and a customized approach are vital. That’s why discerning B2B companies work with us for their SEM initiatives.

Expert B2B SEM Services Optimized for B2B Tech, SaaS, Software, and Professional Services Companies

Our B2B marketing agency delivers search engine marketing services built on deep industry expertise, advanced techniques, and a relentless commitment to your success.

Comprehensive SEM Services. From precision-targeted pay-per-click advertising and strategic Paid Media planning to in-depth keyword research and organic search rankings, our PPC company offers a full spectrum of services to elevate presence across digital marketing channels.

SEM and PPC with a Difference. Our focus extends beyond clicks and impressions. We create campaigns that resonate with your target audience, enhancing brand authority, fostering engagement, and converting leads into customers.

Impactful Results. With us, SEM is more than just a service; it’s a strategic initiative to unlock your potential. We’re committed to transforming your SEM and PPC efforts into growth, ensuring your campaigns deliver a significant and lasting impact.

How Boundless Drives Results

Hit the Bullseye with Every Campaign

Your brand, value, and differentiators, clearly defined.

Skyrocket engagement with campaigns that resonate with your ideal audience.

Strategies with Heart and Smart

Data-driven, heart-led strategies make a lasting impression.

Our data-fueled, empathetic strategies align perfectly with your objectives and translate into measurable results. 

Accelerate Revenue Growth

Fuel business expansion with targeted messaging and ads that resonate and convert.

Ignite revenue growth with campaigns that attract qualified leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Optimize Marketing ROI

Maximize impact, minimize waste.

Our targeted approach ensures your investments elevate your brand presence, lead quality, and ROI.

Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Services

Our SEM and pay-per-click advertising services are designed to help you cut through the noise, outpace competitors, and claim your rightful place at the top of search engine rankings. Our approach to paid advertising on both search and social media not only enhances visibility but also drives meaningful interactions and conversions, effectively growing your digital presence.

SEM Audits

We'll dive into your SEM and paid search history, uncovering strengths and growth areas. Our audits reveal optimization opportunities and untapped potential, crafting the foundation for a winning strategy.

PPC Competitive Analysis

Our competitive assessments arm you with intelligence to outsmart the competition in search engine marketing. We identify their tactics, potential threats to your business, and opportunities for growth.

SEM and PPC Advertising Strategy

We craft tailored plans that align with your business objectives, audience behavior, and market trends, setting you on a course for search engine dominance.

Keyword Research and Analysis

At the heart of every successful campaign is in-depth keyword research. We identify keywords that are not only high-value and relevant but also show high intent. This process ensures your campaigns precisely target and effectively engage your ideal audience.

Search Ad Creation and Deployment

Our experts create compelling ads and design optimized landing pages that resonate with your target audience. We manage ad groups, ad targeting, and placements across ad platforms, including Google and Bing Ads, to ensure your message is seen by the right people at the right time.

B2B PPC Management

We craft and manage campaigns that enhance search engine visibility, increase conversions, and optimize ROI. Our comprehensive digital approach, which includes paid search and social media marketing, fosters maximum engagement while minimizing wasted spend.

Bid Management and Optimization

We leverage advanced tools and proven strategies to manage your bids efficiently. Our approach ensures that your PPC campaigns are cost-effective, maximizing your budget and significantly boosting your ROI.

Google Ads

Command the digital mainstage. As Google Ads specialists (formerly Google Adwords specialists), we create campaigns that are compelling, engaging, and conversion-focused.


Don't let potential customers slip away. Our remarketing strategies keep you at the top of their minds, encouraging return visits, higher engagement, and conversions.

Display Advertising

Create visually-impactful ads that engage, captivate, and convert. Our display and video advertising strategies increase awareness, engage audiences, and elevate your brand.

Landing Page Optimization

Where compelling content and strategic design converge. We create and fine-tune landing pages to inform, engage, and convert your hard-earned visitors.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Turn every interaction into an opportunity. We leverage data analysis and A/B testing to refine your ads and landing pages, boosting conversions and maximizing ROI.

Local PPC

We also specialize in crafting localized ad campaigns that enhance local online engagement — key for businesses wanting to attract a local or regional audience. These targeted efforts help you connect directly with your local audience, increasing visibility and engagement.

SEO Services

Complement your SEM with our SEO expertise. Your site will rank high for relevant keywords, optimizing visibility and awareness while increasing conversion rates.

Social Media Advertising

Complement your search ads with our targeted paid social media ads. Our expertly crafted B2B social media campaigns leverage social media platforms and ad formats, including powerful LinkedIn ads, Meta ads, and Twitter Ads.

Our Approach

Boundless Marketing's 8 Step B2B SEM Process

At Boundless Marketing, SEM is more than just a series of tasks — it’s a collaborative journey we take with you. Here’s how we ensure your brand not only stands out but truly excels:
1. Understanding Your Unique Brand DNA

We dive deep into your business and solutions, identifying what makes you and your offerings stand out. Leveraging sophisticated targeting and market insights, we tailor your PPC campaign to ensure your ads resonate with the perfect audience, boosting both visibility and conversions.

2. Indentifying the Right Keywords

Leveraging advanced tools, we identify keywords that align with your ideal audience's search behavior, ensuring your ads appear right when and where your prospects are looking.

3. Creating Your SEM Strategy Blueprint

We don't just jump in and start advertising without a solid plan. We take a thoughtful approach to your SEM and PPC strategies, ensuring they are in sync with your broader digital marketing efforts and overall business goals.

4. Compelling Ad Copy Creation
Whether it’s Google text ads, display ads, or remarketing efforts, we write ad copy that does more than generate clicks—it creates meaningful connections with your audience.
5. Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversion
We optimize each landing page to turn visits into valuable interactions, focusing every element on converting clicks into leads.
6. Proactively Managing PPC Campaigns

Our hands-on management of your PPC campaigns includes continuous optimization to maximize ROI and keep performance at its peak.

7. Rigorous Management and Analytics
With ongoing management and real-time analytics, we track the performance of your paid search and PPC advertising campaigns, adjusting strategies as needed to enhance performance. Using tools like Google Analytics and custom dashboards, we provide you with valuable insights that help understand the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns.
8. Conversion Rate Optimization
We don’t just aim to increase traffic; we focus on converting visitors into leads and customers. By optimizing every aspect of your campaigns, from the ad copy to the landing page design, we enhance the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Services Related to B2B Search Engine Marketing

Here are some of our other capabilities to assist you with your search engine marketing initiative and beyond.

Why Work With Boundless Marketing as Your B2B PPC and Search Engine Marketing Agency?


We Get B2B Tech and Beyond

We don’t just understand B2B, we’ve lived and breathed it for over 20 years. This deep insight shapes our SEM strategies, ensuring they are highly relevant and effective for your specific audience.

Deeply Strategic Approach

We don’t just run campaigns; we strategically align our search engine marketing efforts with your business goals. Every move we make is designed to advance your objectives, tackle your challenges, and bring your company’s vision closer to reality.

Data-Driven Precision

Precision is key in our campaigns. We lean heavily on data to guide our strategies, making sure we’re hitting the right audience at the right time. This approach doesn’t just increase engagement — it forges meaningful connections that matter.


Impactful SEM Execution

We combine tried-and-true tactics with innovative approaches to deliver exceptional results. Our campaigns do more than capture attention — they are engineered to fill your pipeline with high-quality leads and opportunities.

Cost-Effectiveness Meets Quality

Balancing cost-effectiveness with high quality is our forte. We strive to deliver high-quality SEM services that provide a strong return on investment, balancing cost with impact.

Integrated SEM Approach

We integrate search engine marketing seamlessly with your overall B2B marketing strategy. This holistic approach ensures a unified and powerful marketing ecosystem for your brand that optimizes results.

Ready to Elevate Your B2B Search Engine Marketing Strategy?

Your search engine marketing strategy is pivotal to your B2B SaaS, software, or IT service company’s digital marketing success.

If you’re ready to elevate your PPC, Paid Search, and SEM efforts to new heights, let’s talk.

Connect with us to explore how we can shape the future of your digital presence together.

Complimentary Consultation

Frequently Asked B2B PPC Questions

What is the difference between B2B and B2C PPC?
What distinguishes PPC strategies for B2B from those for B2C markets?

The primary difference between B2B and B2C pay-per-click lies in the targeting, decision-making process, and the goals of the campaigns.

B2B PPC campaigns are designed to reach a smaller, more specific audience—typically decision-makers within companies—who require detailed information and often have a longer sales cycle. These campaigns focus on generating leads, nurturing prospects, and facilitating a complex decision-making process that might involve multiple stakeholders.

In contrast, B2C PPC aims to reach a broader audience, focusing on immediate sales and higher-volume conversions. The decision-making process in B2C is usually shorter, and emotional appeal can play a significant role. B2C campaigns often emphasize promotions, quick benefits, and strong calls to action to drive impulsive buys or quick decisions.

Furthermore, B2B PPC campaigns frequently utilize platforms where professional audiences are engaged, such as LinkedIn, and often rely on content that demonstrates value, expertise, and ROI. Keywords in B2B PPC tend to be more niche and industry-specific, possibly leading to higher cost-per-click (CPC) rates but better-targeting effectiveness.

In contrast, B2C campaigns leverage broader appeal platforms like Facebook and Instagram and use more general keywords to capture the interest of the vast consumer market.

In essence, while both strategies use pay-per-click as a tool, the execution, content, and end goals differ significantly. They are tailored to either nurture prolonged B2B relationships or drive quick B2C transactions.

What is B2B Paid Media?
What exactly is B2B paid media, and how does it differ from general paid media strategies?

Understanding B2B Paid Media

B2B paid media is a specific type of paid advertising that targets other businesses rather than individual consumers. This approach is focused on influencing decision-makers within companies and industries, making it essential for businesses whose primary customers are other businesses.

Key Differences from General Paid Media

Unlike general paid media strategies that aim at a broad consumer base, B2B paid media is more focused. It targets platforms frequented by business professionals, such as LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and niche industry-specific websites. The campaigns are highly targeted, and the content is crafted to be informative and detailed, addressing businesses' specific challenges and needs. It emphasizes aspects like the value proposition, return on investment, and long-term benefits crucial for business clients, reflecting the intricate sales cycles and significant stakes typical of B2B transactions.

Strategic Approach in B2B Paid Media

Managing B2B paid media campaigns involves precise targeting and detailed tracking of leads. The strategies are designed to navigate complex buyer journeys involving several influencers and decision-makers. The objective isn't just focused on generating leads but equipping them with compelling content and persuasive arguments that aid their decision-making and buying processes.

Why are paid search and PPC crucial for B2B companies?

Paid search and pay-per-click advertising are critical for B2B companies because they drive immediate and targeted visibility in search engine results, which is essential for businesses operating in competitive industries.

By working with a skilled PPC agency like Boundless to place your PPC ads directly in front of ideal prospects actively searching for your products or services, paid search can significantly shorten the sales cycle and increase conversion rates.

Pay-per-click advertising provides consistent lead generation and maintains a competitive edge in your market, ensuring that your marketing budget is effectively utilized.

What is the role of search engine marketing in the B2B sales funnel?

Search Engine Marketing plays a vital role in the B2B sales funnel by increasing brand visibility and driving targeted traffic to your website at every stage of the B2B buyer journey.

In the awareness phase, SEM helps introduce your brand to potential buyers through strategic PPC advertising.

As prospects move deeper into the funnel, targeted SEM strategies can help nurture leads by providing relevant solutions or product information to the right audience.

Finally, SEM assists in conversion, using highly targeted PPC ads to encourage decision-makers to take action, such as contacting sales, viewing a demo, or completing a purchase.

How does PPC specifically strengthen B2B marketing strategies?

Pay-per-click is highly effective for B2B marketing strategies because it allows for precise targeting and rapid results across multiple platforms.

These are critical elements that PPC agencies like Boundless specialize in. B2B companies can leverage services from a PPC agency like Boundless to reach specific industries, job roles, and even individual companies with tailored messaging through search and social PPC ads.

This level of targeting, executed through pay-per-click advertising, ensures that the most qualified audience sees your campaigns. This is essential given the longer sales cycles typical in B2B transactions.

What sets Boundless Marketing apart as a specialized B2B PPC agency and consultancy?

Boundless Marketing stands out as a premier B2B PPC agency and consultancy because it is exceptionally strong in developing and executing strategies finely tuned to the specific demands of B2B sectors — especially in complex industries like SaaS, software, and IT services.

Our approach is grounded in deep industry expertise combined with rigorous data analysis to develop pay-per-click advertising campaigns that reach and deeply resonate with your ideal prospects and decision-makers. This ensures that our PPC management services drive substantial engagement and conversions, aligning with your business goals.

As a dedicated PPC management company, we emphasize seamlessly integrating pay-per-click strategies with your overall business objectives. Each pay-per-click campaign leverages targeted keywords meticulously selected for your B2B audiences, ensuring that our efforts yield maximum impact and ROI. Our skills with high-intent PPC strategies and sophisticated targeting techniques not only enhance traffic but also ensure that the leads we drive to your website are of the highest quality. As a result, this optimizes your marketing spend and supports your sales objectives.

Moreover, choosing to work with our marketing agency and consultancy means partnering with consultants who deeply understand the B2B purchasing cycles and decision-making processes. This specialized knowledge allows us to precisely tailor your SEM and pay-per-click campaigns, ensuring they are perfectly aligned to engage decision-makers and convert them at a higher rate effectively. Our commitment to strategic, data-driven SEM campaigns makes us an ideal partner for any B2B company looking to enhance its digital marketing efforts and achieve measurable success.

B2B Search Engine Marketing

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Lori Angalich is the Founder and CEO of Boundless Marketing, a B2B Digital Marketing agency based in Westerville, Ohio. She’s a B2B marketing leader and business strategist with over twenty years of experience leading and executing successful marketing initiatives at growth-focused B2B tech, SaaS, and Professional Services companies ranging from $5 million to over $700 million in revenue. She’s adept at aligning marketing strategies and tactics with business goals, helping companies stand out in highly-competitive markets, and is committed to helping companies make the most of marketing resources and investments.